5 Medical Equipment Companies & Suppliers In Nigeria (2023)

If you seek the best medical companies in Nigeria to supply your hospital or healthcare equipment, then this article is for you.

There is a need to ensure hospitals equipment are originals, working correctly and safe for use by the staff and on patients.

This call for the need to only work with reputable suppliers of hospitals or clinic equipment.

An equipment maintenance strategy covers preventive and corrective procedures.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) measures are aimed at keeping the equipment working until their lifespan and possibly beyond.

Corrective Maintenance (CM) measures are put in place to replace damaged or dysfunctional equipment.

Below are the best medical equipment companies in Nigeria.

5 Medical Equipment Companies And Suppliers In Nigeria

1. MedPau International

The leading among the best medical equipment companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

With over 50 best-selling medical equipment and healthcare innovations, MedPau is driving the future of healthcare in Africa.

We believe smart innovations in healthcare are key for the advancement of a healthy society, which translates to a better economy and a better quality of life.

This drives us to constantly evolve in the way we provide healthcare solutions and services in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our goal is to bridge the access to quality, affordable healthcare solutions and services.

This way, we fulfill our promise of improving the quality of life.

At MedPau, we grow with our clients, working with them every step of the way.

We deliver excellent customer experience through our unmatched after-sales support and 24/7 online support.

Medical Equipment We Supply

  • Infusion Pump PG-807i : For delivering fluids (nutrients or medication) in large of small quantities.
  • Patient Monitor: For measuring, recording and keeping track of patient’s health.
  • Sonoscape: for producing high-quality ultrasounds with amazing performance.
  • ICU Ventilator: For supporting patients in the breathing process by pumping air into the lungs.
  • Syringe Pump: For delivering small amounts of medication manually.
  • Universal Operating Table: The table on which patients lay on during surgery.

We remain one of the fast-growing suppliers in Nigeria, ahead of the curve in the distribution of medical equipment, consumables, disposables, furniture and apparel.

Contact us to supply your medical equipment.

2. HaloMedicals:

One of the best medical equipment companies in Rivers, Nigeria.

Halomedicals provide personalised and innovative healthcare supply services.

They are passionate about quality healthcare provision. And this is the reason they ensure top healthcare delivery during and after-sales support to all customers.

Halomedicals has the mission to be the one-stop shop for everything medical and healthcare equipment.

Also, they seek to remain the go to medical projects consultancy firm in Nigeria.

They can supply you with medical equipment in the following categories:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Accident & Emergency
  • Cardiology
  • Cryosurgery
  • Dermatology

Halo medicals is also leading medical equipment supplies company in Nigeria through outstanding reliability and customer service delivery. 

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3. Foresights Healthcare

One of the best medical equipment companies in Abuja, Nigeria.

Dr Shamsuddeen Aliyu was concerned about the growing number of Nigerians travelling to receive medical services outside the country.

He deduced that there can not be any other reason than the poor state of medical equipment and maintenance in Nigeria hospitals.

So, in 2016, he founded Foresight Healthcare to solve these challenges.

And ever since, Foresight Healthcare has been providing amazing medical services to individuals and organisations.

Below are medical equipment and services you can get from Foresight Healthcare

  • Medical Equipment Supply
  • Medical Travel Facilitation
  • Medical Education
  • Healthcare Project Management and Project Development
  • Healthcare Management Consultancy Services
  • Electronic Medical Record System (EMR)

Foresight is committed to delivering reliable and efficient healthcare services and affordable healthcare products.

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4. Access Surgicals

One of the best medical equipment suppliers in Enugu, Nigeria.

Access Surgical prides itself with quality solutions for medical and healthcare needs.

They believe their clients are valued asset that deserve professional and custom care.

They have well-trained experience consultants that can help you find the right solutions to your medical needs.

So, they supply premium equipment with adequate training on the use of these tools.

They commit to providing you with time delivery and a happy experience.

Below are products they offer:

  • External Feeding Tubes and Devices,
  • Gloves and Masks,
  • Infection Control,
  • Laboratory Products,
  • OEM Medical Specialty Products,
  • Procedural and Surgical Packs,
  • Surgical Equipment,
  • And more.

With Access Surgicals you are dealing with one of the best medical equipment companies in Enugu, Nigeria.

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5. BoodCheck

One of the best medical equipment companies in Kano, Nigeria.

Boodcheck is the first Turkish Medical service company based in Kano state Nigeria.

They are a sole supplier of international medical laboratory equipment to well-known brands in the medical field.

They have trained medical team experienced in sampling and processing to provide adequate quality services.

These team continues to handle patients’ record in safe manners via secured online transmission.

This means they don’t type or write on papers making the test results error free.

At BoodCheck, you will get:

  • Medical Laboratory Service
  • Medical Equipment Supply,
  • Medical Tourism

Their medical laboratory can perform over 2000 tests.

FAQs On Medical Equipment Suppliers In Nigeria.

What are duties of medical equipment companies and suppliers?

First, to inspect, test, and certify the use of medical equipment. Afterwards, supply to the needed hospitals or healthcare with maintenance services.

How many hospital equipment manufacturing companies are in Nigeria?

There are over 75 medical equipment supply companies in Nigeria, with the majority in Lagos.

Conclusion on the Best Medical Equipment Companies In Nigeria.

We cannot overestimate the importance of using the right equipment in your hospital.

  • It saves you the cost of multiple repairs.
  • It makes you work faster and neat.
  • Your staff are happy to use because of the ease.
  • Patients feel comfortable knowing your equipment are of standard.

Achieving all the above is a just a call away and at MedPau, we will deliver premium quality equipment to your office.

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