Anaesthetic Machine And Cost Price In Nigeria (2023)

In today’s article, I will share with you how an anaesthetic machine works and its cost price in Nigeria.

How it is possible for a doctor to perform surgery on an individual for hours and the person doesn’t feel the pains of cutting?

I mean, no one would willingly submit to another person to pierce their skin and operate on them.

What the doctors do is to send the patients to a state of ‘anaesthesia’.

And that leads me to ask, “What is Anaesthesia?”

Anesthesia is that state of regulated, brief loss of one’s surrounding induced by doctors to enable them carry out medical operations.

It most times includes analgesia (a relief from pain) and amnesia, also called loss of memory.

This state makes you feel a TEMPORARY loss of sensation, loss of memory, paralysis, etc.

What is the Anaesthetic Machine and Invention?

An anesthetic machine is a machine that induces this state of anesthesia.

It is a machine that supplies a mixture of oxygen, gas, and anesthetic agents to a patient, allowing them to remain unconscious but breathing during surgery.

It also ensures that the patient breathes in oxygen and does not inhale the dangerous CO2 gas they breathe out.

Until the mid-1800s, Dr. Morton’s use of sulfuric ether to anesthetize a patient ushered in a new era of surgical procedures, which led to the invention of the anesthesia machine.

This is one of the top ten discoveries in the medical world.

The Cost Price of Anaesthetic Machine In Nigeria

The price of an anaesthetic machine in Nigeria is within the range of N7 million naira to N12 million naira.

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At least one out of every 1000 suffers anesthesia in Nigeria.

And the particular reason for this is that the practitioners don’t follow proper medical guidelines.

Dr. Olaniyi Oladapo, the coordinator of the School of Anesthetic Studies Badagry stated that the rate of the dearth of manpower in the health sector has generated concerns as the country continues to record more poor results in academic sectors.

This call for the use of well-treated medical equipments in the hospitals.

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Types of Anaesthetic Machine

1. Local Anesthetic Machine:

They are mostly used for minor surgery, this temporarily stops the sense of pain in a particular area even though the patient would still remain conscious.

It is administered mostly by injection. It’s mostly used to ease pain and remain active.

2. Regional Anesthetic Machine:

This is used to numb a region of the body in which the injection is made into the lower back, below the end of the spinal cord, and causes numbness in the lower body.

Also, they use this machine for surgery of the lower limbs and during childbirth for chest or abdominal surgery.

3. General Anesthetic Machine:

They use this machine during surgery to make patients unconscious and administered either by an intravenous (IV) line or a breathing mask or tube.

To keep the patient breathing normally throughout the procedure, a breathing tube may be placed into the windpipe.

When the procedure is over, the anesthesiologist stops administering the anesthetic, and you are brought to the recovery area for further observation.

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Safety Features of Anesthetic Machine:

  • Ventilators:

These are a set of external lungs that helps anaesthetized patients to breathe deeply, maintaining the patient’s regular respiratory rates and blood chemistry.

  • Breathing circuit:

This is essentially delivering the gasses to a patient and subsequently eliminates the CO2 exhaled.

It is to keep the air and gasses flowing to and from the patient safely.

The breathing circuit removes the CO2 from the patient while the scavenging system removes it from the operating room.

  • Safety Meter:

The machine takes note of reading to alert the medical team of an emergency or when the patient is entering a critical stage or condition.

FAQs on Cost Price Of Anaesthetic Machine In Nigeria

What is an Anaesthetic machine?

An anesthetic machine is a machine that induces this state of anesthesia in a patient.

How does an anesthetic machine work?

The machine gets medical gases from a gas supply, regulates the flow and lowers the appropriate gases’ pressure to a safe level. It then vaporizes volatile anesthetics to create the final gas mixture, and then delivers the gases to a breathing circuit that is connected to the patient’s airway.

How often can you get anesthesia

Most healthcare workers would advise and strongly recommend a 6-12 weeks gap wait in between surgeries.

What is the price of an anesthetic machine in Nigeria?

The price of an anesthetic machine in Nigeria is within the range of N7 million naira to N12 million naira.

Conclusion on Cost Price of Anaesthetic Machine In Nigeria.

According to the Guardian newspaper,

‘Presently, there are about 3000 anesthetists rendering healthcare services in Nigeria, which is relatively inadequate to the entire population of over 200 million.

It is safe to say that the cost price of an anaesthetic machine in Nigeria will increase in the nearest future.

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